Blackberry Playbook Bluetooth Keyboard Portfolio Case

Leather Portfolio Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Blackberry Playbook

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The Hip Street Bluetooth keyboard case for Blackberry Playbook is made with premium genuine leather. All ports for the Playbook remain accessible while in the case. Securely holds the device in place. Adjust to different angles for optimal viewing. Provides great protection from scratches, dings and impacts.


  •  Top grade leather
  • A bluetooth wireless keyboard
  • All ports remain accessible
  • Protection from impact, abrasions, scratches

Blackberry Playbook Leather Envelope Case

Blackberry Playbook Leather Envelope Case

The Research in Motion Blackberry Leather Envelope Case has a premium-grade leather exterior and a soft, scratch resistant interior. This envelope case protects your Playbook in sophisticated style. Comes with a magnetic closure. Extra padding provides maximum protection.


  • Handcrafted leather, fully enclosed protection
  • Tailored fit with magnetic flap for style and security
  • Patterned microfiber lining for additional styling

Blackberry Playbook Accessories: Playbook Leather Sleeve

Blackberry Playbook Leather Sleeve


Crafted in premium-grade leather, the BlackBerry Playbook Leather Sleeve offers exceptional protection and distinctive style for your PlayBook tablet. And, with external access to the Micro-USB and media ports, you can charge the battery or listen to music while your BlackBerry tablet stays safe inside.


  •  Premium-grade leather, exceptional protection
  • Charge or listen to music with distinctive style
  • Reinforced panels for an extra layer of protection

Blackberry Playbook Accessories: Leather Blackberry Playbook Case Stand

  Research In Motion BlackBerry PlayBook Leather Sleeve - Black

This leather Blackberry Playbook case sleeve is made of premium leather and offers great protection and sophisticated style. Features the Blackberry logo on front and allows access to all external ports. Charge your Blackberry Playbook while it is in this case.


  • Premium-grade leather, exceptional protection
  • Charge or listen to music with distinctive style
  • Reinforced panels for an extra layer of protection

rooCase Leather Blackberry Playbook Folio Case Stand

Stylish leather Blackberry Playbook case stand in the folio design.  The Playbook fits snug and secure inside. Can be used as a stand for viewing videos, movies or while surfing the web. Made of genuine leather with a soft micro fiber interior that won't scratch the device. Allows access to all external ports and features a magnetic closure.


  • Multi-Angle Folio Case for RIM BlackBerry Playbook 4G Wi-Fi 16GB, 32GB, 64GB (Playbook Not Included)
  • Genuine Leather with Microfiber Interior
  • Adjustable Stand Between 45-90 Degree. Magnetic Flap Closure
  • Access to All Ports and Controls
  • A MUST Have for all Playbook Owners!! 
  • Available in Black, Grey and Red

HDE Leather Blackberry Playbook Case

Executive styled leather Blackberry Playbook Case.  Contains extra padding for protection against dings and falls. Made of genuine leather with a magnetic closure.  Playbook fits securely inside.  Carry your Playbook wherever you go with this distinctive case.


  • This leather case for the Blackberry Playbook gives you some much needed freedom, allowing you to take your Playbook wherever you want, whenever you want, without a worry in the world.
  • The leather padded case is great for protecting your new tablet!
  • Why worry more when you can worry less with your very own leather case for the Blackberry Playbook.
  • The magnetic flap holds the casing shut, securing your Playbook and protecting it from potential damage.